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TitleRegional Managements
DescriptionThe Overseas Regional Managements were formed in 1987 with the merger of Overseas Committee and UAC International. There were three geographical divisions:

Latin America and Central Asia (LACA) which comprised of Central and South America plus the Indian sub-continent and South Africa (South Africa moved to Africa & Middle East regional management in May 1992);

East Asia and Pacific (EAP) which comprised East and South East Asia, Japan and Australasia;

Africa and Middle East (AMEG) which comprised Africa [not South Africa], the Middle East and UAC operations in Europe.

Each division reported to Special Committee, but had its own Overseas Liaison Committee. Europe and North America were still managed separately by Special Committee. Turkey was moved to the European management structure after the formation of ORMs and Singapore and Hong Kong (formerly UAC) were moved into EAP. Uruguay (formerly administered by UEL) was moved into LACA.

Further administratives changes, which in effect saw the end of Overseas Regional Management and the Co-ordinations, came in 1996 when Special Committee was replaced by an Executive Committee and Business Groups, which were a mixture of geographical and product groups.

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