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DescriptionIn the late 1950's the new trend in business organisation reflected the pressures of external competition and the need for better internal communication. This was broadly referred to as 'co-ordination'.

In January 1959 the first Product Committee was established in Rotterdam to focus on operations in Continental Europe. This was followed by others.

Three years later Co-ordinators were set up to ensure that the international brands had a global uniform policy.

In 1966 six product groups were created each headed by a co-ordinator who was responsible for the expansion of their group of products worldwide.

The product groups were:

Foods I
Foods II
Toilet Preparations
Printing and Packaging

The co-ordinators reported to the Special Committee, and were themselves fed with information from heads of Central Divisions and by visits to companies by co-ordination staff. The idea was to promote effective communication between all parts of the concern, leading to efficient productivity and greater profit margins.

Further Information:

Renewing Unilever by Geoffrey Jones p20

The History of Unilever by Charles Wilson Vol. 3 p41
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