Ref NoGB1752.LTC/1
TitleCorporate and Administrative Records of Lipton Tea Companies
DescriptionIn 1930, when Van den Bergh's and Jurgens (together as Margarine Unie) merged with Lever Brothers to form Unilever, Lipton's was sold to Allied Suppliers, but Unilever retained its shares. Then in September 1946 Unilever completed its acquisition of the controlling interest in Lipton's USA, which did a substantial share of the tea trade in the United States and Canada, as well as lesser lines of business in other foods. In 1972 Unilever sold their shares in the retail side of Allied Suppliers to Sir James Goldsmith in exchange for Lipton (Overseas) Limited [later known as Lipton International and then Lipton Tea Services Ltd]. In 1975, Lipton's in the United Kingdom was divided into Lipton International [later Lipton Tea Services Ltd] based at Walton-on-Thames and Lipton Export Ltd. In 1992 Lipton Export Ltd merged with Unilever Export and the administration moved to Bristol.

These include: corporate records, administrative records, shareholders' records, legal records, organisation and strategy records.
Dated 1898 - 1992.
LevelAdministrative Group
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