Person NameBaggins; Frodo; Last of the Ring Bearers
EpithetLast of the Ring Bearers
Activity 3001: Bilbo held the great Birthday Party on 22 September and left the Shire, leaving Frodo with the Ring.
12 April 3018: Gandalf returned, having discovered the truth about the Ring, and Frodo resolved to leave the Shire in order to protect it from Sauron.
23 September 3018: Frodo sold Bag End to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, and bought a small house at Crickhollow in Buckland, the region where he had been brought up. He departed from Hobbiton with Peregrin Took and Sam Gamgee on the day after his fiftieth birthday.
3018-3019: travelled to Mordor to dispose of the Ring.
3021: accompanied the Elves to the Grey Havens.
Relationships Son of Drago Baggins and Primula Brandybuck. First cousin once removed to Bilbo Baggins.
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