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TitleBritish Creameries Limited
DescriptionCompany name: British Creameries Limited
Date founded: c.1900
Incorporation date: 15th May 1918
Date of acquisition: 1919
Previous names: British Creameries, Dowalls Butter Pat Dairies Limited, The British Compound Lard Company
Registered Number: 150489

The British Compound Lard Company was established in 1900 at Queen's Dock, Hull. The company was renamed British Creameries Limited on 15th May 1918. Its 'stated objects' (i.e. aims and functions) were 'to carry on the business of makers and manufacturers of margarine, stearine and similar products, and the business of buying and selling both as principals and as agents for others persons, firms and companies milk, cream, cheese, butter, lard, margarine, stearine and all similar products'. At this point, the capital of the company was £100,000, divided into 100,000 of £1 each.

In 1924 the London office of the company moved to new premises at 13 Fish Street Hill, E.C.3. On 16th May of that year all trademarks previously owned by Dowalls' Butterfat Dairies Ltd. and related 'goodwill of the business' was transferred to the British Creameries. These included 'Bakite' and 'Friday'.

In April 1925 the company launched Bakit cigarettes at 2s 6d for fifty, but this proved a brief and unsuccessful venture. The following year Lotus Lily 'White Super Shortening' was released, as was Silkit, a 'Second Grade Golden Shortening'.

Products made by British Creameries Ltd. were, by 1940, aimed at trader markets, rather than household consumers. However, selling activities were necessarily limited by government controls issued in 1940. In order to retain the brand's reputation amongst bakers while these bans were in place, the company founded a so-called 'Bakery Service' that produced quarterly bulletins offering practical advice and recipes for commercial bakers. This was analogous to the Stork Margarine Cookery Service, aimed at housewives. The Unilever Bakery Service continued after the war, jointly sponsored by The Craigmillar Creamery Ltd. and British Creameries Ltd. A number of employees of British Creameries Limited who had previously worked in sales were given training to enable them to promote the Unilever Bakery Service instead, as restrictions on selling activities were still in place.

In July 1950 it was announced that British Creameries was to be merged with Craigmillar Creamery to form a single selling company, CBC Ltd.

Trademarks transferred by Dowalls' Butterfat Dairies in 1924:

Heather Bloom (176576)
Civic (307235)
Shine (307236)
Lilywhite (325693)
Meritol (356363)
Bakite (399566)
Friday (400172)
Golden Bar (B407677)
Silverole (416909)
Flavorit (424913)
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