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TitleVan den Bergh Foods Limited
Description[This collection includes the papers of Van den Berghs and Jurgens Ltd, predecessor of Van den Bergh Foods Ltd. The records of the other Jurgens and Van den Bergh companies are represented in the subsidiary company sub-collections. See UBF for Unilever Bestfoods material.]

[In line with UARM's policy on confidentiality and closure periods, certain records in this collection are closed]

Company name: Van den Bergh Foods Ltd
Registered number: 43520
Date Founded: 9 Mar 1895

Former Names: Van den Bergh & Jurgens Ltd; Van den Berghs Ltd; Van den Bergh's Margarine Ltd

Related Company: Van den Bergh Professional Foods Ltd [335010].
Formed during 1992 from Craigmillar, County Fair and the Food Service Division of Brooke Bond Foods, with Headquarters at Brombrough, the company was to be fully operational by January 1993. The company was acquired by Burton Son & Sanders Ltd of Ipswich on March 1993. In October 1996 the company changed its name to Arkady Craigmillar Ltd.

Background of Company - For further Information on the history of Van den Berghs Ltd see our Historical Information sheet for the company of that name.
The history of Van den Bergh Foods Ltd begins with the founding companies of Van den Berghs and Jurgens. Both have their foundations in the butter trade in the Dutch village of Oss, where Simon Van den Bergh and Anton Jurgens and their respective families began trading. Jan Jurgens first acquired the Margarine Patent in 1871. The formula was also obtained by Simon Van den Bergh, and both companies began margarine production. In 1895 the Van den Berghs formed a limited liability company in the UK called Van den Berghs Margarine Ltd, which was changed in 1897 to Van den Berghs Ltd. On 13 February 1908, the two companies agreed to pool their profits. This agreement continued until 1912, with further Pooling Agreements being reached in 1913 and 1920.In 1927 Van den Berghs and Jurgens agreed to merge. Unilever was created on 1 January 1930 by the `merger` of Lever Brothers Ltd and the Margarine Union.

In 1966 Craigmillar (BEOL) Ltd was formed by the amalgamation of British Edible
Oils Ltd, Craigmillar and British Creameries Ltd, and Van den Bergh Catering
Supplies. In 1967 - UK Margarine and Edible Fats Group was formed. In 1970 the UK Margarine and Edible Fats Group became Van den Berghs and Jurgens Ltd, with the addition of Cool Country Marketing Division. In 1992 Van den Berghs merged with Mattessons Walls Ltd.

Formation of Van den Bergh Foods Limited
The company ' Van den Bergh's & Jurgens Ltd became 'Van den Bergh Foods Ltd on 1st January 1993, following the merger with Matterssons Wall's. The oil refinery at Purfleet was officially opened by MP Gilliam Shephard in July 1993.


From January 1st 1994 Van den Bergh Foods UK Ltd and Brooke Bond Foods UK Ltd were managed by joint board. This merger was profitable, bringing with it some established brands. This was followed on 1 Jan 1995 by Van den Bergh Foods merging fully with Brooke Bond to form a single company, Van den Bergh Foods UK Ltd, with a new head office at Crawley.

In 1994 the Matterssons Walls brands were sold to Kerry Foods, who use the brand name on chilled meats, while Van den Berghs retained the Wall` s brand name for use on ice-cream products.

In May 1995 Van den Berghs acquired Colman's of Norwich

On 1st January 1996 Van den Bergh Foods- Food Ingredients Division merged with Quark International's North America Food Division.

2000 merged with Bestfoods (UK) to become Unilever Bestfoods.

In 2015 Van den Bergh Foods is a major UK-based food products company with annual revenue of more than $1 billion

The collection includes Statutory, Legal, Financial and Shareholders records, as well as Advertising and Packaging. There are very few personnel or family records, and little of interest to family historians.
Date1895 - 2000
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