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TitleMalaysia and Singapore Visit Reports
DescriptionSub series of reports relating to visits to Malaysia and Singapore.

In 1826, the British settlements of Malacca, Dinding, Penang and Singapore combined to form the Straits Settlements.

In 1895, four Malay states, Slengor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang combined to form the Federated Malay States.

From 1941 - 1945 the area was occupied by Japan.

The area was under British Military Administration from 1945 - 1946. This was replaced by the Malayan Union. Singapore was separated from the Union at this point and made a (British) Crown Colony.

The Malayan Union was replaced with the Federation of Malaya in 1948.

In 1957 Malaya gained independence from Britain.

On 16 September, 1963, Singapore mereged with Malaya to form Malaysia.

Singapore separated from Malaysia on 9 August, 1965 and has remained a distinct country ever since.

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Date1935 - 1987
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