Ref NoGB1752.UNI/RM/OC/2/2
TitleOverseas Committee Visit Reports
DescriptionOne of the key ways the Overseas Committee kept track of operations in other countries was through a program of visits and associated reports.

In November 1932 the Overseas companies were divided into lists and each of the four directors became responsible for one list of companies. The directors made long visits to each country every two years and wrote a report.These reports are usually on the longer end of the spectrum and will normally cover a wide range of topics.

In the mid-1950s, long overseas visits were replaced by more frequent, briefer trips, usually made by experts from the Co-ordinations, company representatives or the members of the Overseas Committee and Overseas Committee department. These reports are generally shorter than their predecessors and are often focussed on one topic.

There can be great variance in the length and format of visit reports and topics they cover include: organisation, management, advertising, packaging, raw goods, marketing, economics, statistics, individual projects, sales, finance, technical, factories, buildings, personnel, remuneration, products etc.

In line with UARM's policy on confidentiality and closure periods, certain records in this series are closed.

Access to reports that include opinions about individuals - or what was intended for them - will be limited to the named individual only until 75 years after the creation of those records, in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.
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