Ref NoGB1752.UNI/GF/MD/AL/1/70
Alt Ref NoMD/AL/70/1
TitleGuard Book, UK and Ireland, Various Products
DescriptionAdvertising guard book aimed at the UK and Ireland markets featuring promotional material for Chivers' (carpet soap), Food Industries Ltd (Filspice, Spiro-Pep detergent/steriliser, Pep cleaner/steriliser, Pepsan chlorinated detergent and disinfectant, Tec liquid detergent, Domestos, Warden disinfectants, Advitamix vitamin supplement, Thorley feed flavours, Distilled Monoglycerides, Advitagel emulsifier, Adflo molasses supplement, food flavourings, Admul emulsifiers, Rival emulsifying agent, Chlor-tabs sterilising tablets, Warden sheep dip, Pep udder cream, Ovasan egg shell sanitiser, Nerisol concentrated disinfectant, Irish National Veneer Industries Limited, United Africa Company (timber), Palm Line (cargo shipping), Vinolia (hand lotion, baby soap and baby powder, soap, pimple and prickly heat powder, talcum powder), Batchelor's (catering supplies, Automaid, soups, baked beans, processed peas, rice pudding), Shavallo (shaving cream).

This book includes press advertisements, showcards, coupons, point of sale, photographs, film advertisements storyboard synopses, showcards, information leaflet, envelope, editorial, hanging display, selling story, packaging, television commercial synopses, trade leaflets, pop-up competition advertisement, competition and giveaway forms, film advertisements script.
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LevelSub series
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