Ref NoGB1752.UNI/GF/MD/AL/1/50
Alt Ref NoMD/AL/50/1
TitleGuard Book, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, USA and UK, Various Products
DescriptionAdvertising guard book aimed at the Dutch, German, Norwegian, USA and UK markets featuring promotional material for Coral, Extra, Andy, Lux (washing up liquid), Nova, Omo, Radion (laundry powder), Skip, CD (soap), Lux (soap and washing up liquid), Lyril (soap), Omo, Rexona (soap), Sunlight (soap), Sunil, Suwa, Vim, Blenda, Pep, Sol, Zalo, All (dishwasher detergent, laundry powder), Breeze (laundry powder), Dove (soap), Handy Andy (all purpose cleaner), Hum (laundry powder), Lifebuoy (soap), Lux (soap and washing up liquid), Oratab (dental tablets), Stripe (toothpaste), Pepsodent (toothpaste and Life Line toothbrushes), Praise (soap), Reward (all purpose cleaner), Rinso Blue, Shield (deodorant), Silver Dust (laundry powder), Blue Vim (washing tablets), Wisk (stain remover), Domestos (toilet cleaner), Final Touch (fabric softener), Handy Andy (all purpose cleaner), Jif (liquid scourer), Lever's Carpet Shampoo, Lux (washing up liquid, laundry powder/flakes), Omo, Persil, Rinso, Presto, Quix (washing up liquid), Sqezy (washing up liquid), Stergene (laundry liquid), Surf, Wirl (laundry powder).

This book includes press advertisements, comic strips, posters, television commercial synopsis.
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LevelSub series
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