Ref NoGB1752.UNI/GF/MD/AL/1/259
Alt Ref NoMD/AL/7 Additional
TitleGuard Book, Various Countries, Various Products
DescriptionAdvertising guard book aimed at various markets (see below for list of countries/languages used) featuring promotional material for Solidox (toothpaste), Gibbs SR (toothpaste), Gibbs Fresh Look (denture powder), Gibbs Fluor (toothpaste), Gibbs (toothbrush), Signal (toothpaste), Pepsodent (toothpaste, toothbrush).

This book includes press advertisements, pack shots, film/television advertisement storyboards, window bill, poster, radio scripts, booklet, showcard, posters.

Countries/languages used: Norway, Norwegian, English, France, French, UK, Venezuela, Spanish, Italy, Italian, Netherlands, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Sinhala (?), El Salvador, Ghana, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), South Africa, India, Argentina, Brazil, Portuguese, Mozambique, Portugal, Angola, Spain, Switzerland, German, Germany, Greece, Greek, Germany, Sweden, Swedish, Russia, Russian, East Africa, Austria, Zambia, Nigeria, Colombia, Chile, Finland, Belgium, USA,
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LevelSub series
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