Ref NoGB1752.UNI/GF/MD/AL/1/206
Alt Ref NoMDC/1/4
TitleGuard Book, UK, Various Products
DescriptionAdvertising guard book aimed at the UK market featuring promotional material for British Oil and Cake Mills/Robson's (animal feeds), The British Creameries Ltd: Friday (frying fat), B.C.L (fat), Mixit (margarine), Prairie (nut butter), Bakit (margarine), Lotus Lily (shortening), Lilywhite (cooking fat), Flakit (margarine), Albion (cooking fat?), Silkit (shortening), Buttapat (cooking oil), Dewpat (bean oil), Wilmington (cooking oil), Crystal (vegetable butter), Matcheg (colouring), White Cap (margarine), Union Jack (cooking fat), Eureka (lard), Champion (lard), Griddo (cooking fat), Silver Cloud (cooking fat), Royal (lard), Floss (lard), Horse Shoe Brand (shortening), Lighthouse Brand (lard), Top Brand (lard), Brava (lard), Debona (shortening), Clover (shortening), Tartan (lard), Ciro (lard), Torch Brand (shortening), Planet (lard), Laboro (cooking fat), Maypoline (lard), Daisy Brand (lard), Olympia (lard), Oven Brand (lard), Flag Brand (ghee), Cookeen (cooking fat), Suzette (cooking fat), Trulite (cream powder), Extra Rosa (fat), Stag (fat), Solo (vegetable butter), Batty's Diarywhite (cooking fat), Goodrich (cooking fat), Silsa (shortening), Nouka (ghee), Spry (shortening), Goble & Sothers Ltd (baking products), De Bruyn Ltd (baking products).

This book includes showcards, leaflet, booklets, poster, labels, flyers, wrappers.
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