Ref NoGB1752.UNI/GF/MD/AL/1/188
TitleGuard Book, Various Countries, Various Products
DescriptionAdvertising guard book aimed at various markets (see below for list of countries/languages) featuring promotional material for Stergene (laundry detergent), Omo (laundry detergent), Coral (laundry detergent), Rin/Rino (laundry soap), Wisk (liquid laundry detergent), Comfort (fabric conditioner), Swan (laundry detergent), Fab Avivex (laundry detergent), Sunlight (soap), Lux (flakes), Persil (laundry detergent).

This book includes press advertisements, film/television advertisement storyboards, radio advertisement scripts.

Countries/languages used: UK, English, Belgium, French, Germany, German, Greece, Greek, South Africa, Portgual, Portuguese, India, Sweden, Swedish, Ireland, Switzerland, Mexico, Spanish, Zambia, Pakistan, Australia
LevelSub series
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