Ref NoGB1752.UNI/GF/LG/1/4
TitleLegal filing- Legal Worldwide
DescriptionSeries of legal files relating to the operations of Unilever and its subsidiary companies worldwide.

Note that UNI/GF/LG/1/4/28-215 comprise agreements relating to the consolidation of Unilever's continental interests in margarine plants, oil mills, refining facilities and soap factories through the activities of Lever Brothers, Van den Berghs, Anton Jurgens and Schicht. A good working knowledge of European languages (in particular Dutch and German) is advised for those researchers wishing to consult those records in this series. Item level descriptions aim to provide an indication of the nature of, and key parties involved in, these negotiations.

NV Hollandsche Vereeniging tot Exploitatie van Margarinefabrieken is abbreviated as HOVEMA throughout.

The following abbreviations are used to denote the status of public limited company in various countries:
Limited [Ltd]: United Kingdom
Naamlooze Venootshcap [NV]: Netherlands
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung [GmbH]: Germany, Austria
Aktiengesellschaft [AG]: Germany, Belgium
Societe Anonyme [SA]: France
Societe Anonima [SA]: Italy
Aktiebolag [AB]: Sweden
Spółka akcyjna [Sp.Akc]: Poland

[In line with UARM's policy on confidentiality and closure periods, certain records in this series are closed]
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