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TitlePaper, Packaging & Plastics Co-ordination
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Department/Division Name: Paper, Plastic & Packaging Co-ordination (PPP)
Former/Alternative Names: PPP
Date Established: 1 Jan 1973


A Paper, Printing & Packaging Co-ordination had been set up in the mid-1960s but was reformed into a Paper, Plastics & Packaging Co-ordination which was fully operational by 1974.
The Co-ordination looked after the interests of the 4P Group [see separate entry], which included Unilever's packaging, printing, plastics and paper interests in Europe, and also co-ordinated these interests elsewhere in the world. Its headquarters were in Rotterdam.

The first PPP Co-ordinator was Dr Kerkhof, who was not a Board member and did not have responsibility for Commercial Plastics.

[NB This collection also covers Paper, Printing & Packaging Co-ordination]

The Paper, Printing and Packaging Co-ordination existed in the 1960s but was reformed into the Paper, Plastics and Packaging Co-ordination in 1973 and was fully operational by 1974.
Looked after the interests of the 4P Group.
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Fore-runners of Paper, Printing and Packaging Co-ordination

Unilever Limited Department - Packaging Advisory

"Packaging" 1 and 2 - Info Bulletins 81 and 84
The Packaging Advisiry Departments at Rotterdam and London will be combined under Mr G.H. Edwrads who will report to Mr. Blauw and will be assisted by two Deputy Heads, Mr. Noble, based in London, and Mr. Brouwer based in Rotterdamm,
The combined P.A.D..will continue to provide service of the kind hitherto provided by the two separate departments, but with world wide responsibility. (G.C. 25.10.65)

Head of P.A.D. Rotterdam & Packaging Projects Officer - Mr. Dmitar.

1968: See card for Unilever Packaging Services & G.C. 25.7.68. The Unilever Packaging Services will consolidate in one organisation the activities and the personnel at present in this area in
P.A.D., London & rotterdam
Marketing Division, London
Packaging Development, Rotterdam"

Unilever Limited Committee - Packaging Develpment Committee

A Packaging Development Committee under the chairmanship of Mr Dmiter will be formed to to take the main work of the present Packaging Development Stteering Committee. The new Packaging Development Committee will be primarily responsible for obtaining the agreemnet of all concerned to the Unilever packaging development programme, and the determination of priorities. They will also be responsible for the creation of a vigorous packaging development effort, making use of all suitable facilities inside or outside Unilever.

Members of the Packaging Develoment Committee will be:-

Chairman & Packaging Projects Officer - Mr Dmitar
Head of Packaging Advisory Dept. - Mr. Edwards (Retired Sep 1968)
World Co-ordinator Paper, Printing and Packaging - Mr Hoogewerf
Packaging Member, Marketing Division - Mr. Threlfall

The Development programme when agreed by all concerned will be implemented by Packaging Advisory Department.

The new packaging organisation will maintain close contacts with Technical Division in London and Rotterdam and with the Packaging Member of Marketing Division, Mr. Threlfall, who will act as representative of the four Product World Co-Ordinator for all marketing aspects of packaging development.

(See G.C. 15.10.65)"

Unilever Packaging Services: Formed 1968
"The Special Committee has agreed that a Packagaing Services unit should be set up. The new unit will consolidate in one organisation the activities and the perseonnel at present in this area tn
P.A.D. Londoan and Rotterdam
Marketing Division, London
Packagaing Development, Rotterdam
Mr H.M. Threlfall has been appointed Head of the Unit. He will report to Mr E. Brough
(G.C. 25.7.68)
Terms of Reference
The basic responsibility of Unilever Packaging Services is
(i) to help operating companis to ensure that Unilever leads its competitors in design and the provision of novelty and convenience to consumers by efficient use of material, methods of conversion and filling and closure.
ii) to ensure that the money Unilever spends on packaging is spent to the best advantage.

For details of terms of reference se G.C. 25.7.68. "

All taken from Maureen Stannoforth's index cards

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