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TitleFoods II Co-ordination
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Department/Division Name: Food & Drink Co-ordination
Former/Alternative Names: Food II Co-ordination
Date Established: 1962


One of the original four world co-ordinations set up in 1962 and known as Food II Co-ordination. Responsible for ice cream, deep frozen foods, dehydrated
foods, soups, meals etc., canned soups, vegetables, fruits, jam, fruit drinks, desserts and puddings, coffee, and tea.

Took over responsibility of mayonnaise and oil based dressings from Food I in 1968.

Renamed Food & Drink Co-ordination in February 1973.
Divided into Frozen Products Co-ordination and Sundry Food & Drinks Co-ordination in 1 September 1975. The latter was merged with Meat Products Co-ordination 31 December 1981 and renamed Food & Drinks Co-ordination.

Replaced by Foods Executive 1989.

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Date1962 - 1989
Access StatusOpen
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