Ref NoGB1752.UAC/2
TitleUAC Divisions and Subsidiary Companies
DescriptionThe second of the two main divisions of the UAC collection comprises the records of the main operating companies, later divisions, of UAC, each of which pursued a different type of business. These are: Breweries, Building Materials, Consumer Products, Engineering, Food and Agriculture, Hardware, Medical, Mining, Motors, G B Ollivant, Palm Line, Textiles and Industrial Services, Timber, Trading, Traffic, Unamec, Unatrac, and Warehousing and Transport Services. There are also sections for the records of the nationally registered companies, including UAC of Nigeria Ltd, UAC of Ghana Ltd and UAC of Sierra Leone Ltd. These are followed by sections for the predecessor companies of UAC, the African and Eastern Trade Corporation Ltd and the Niger Company Ltd. These are in turn followed by a section for the Associated Companies of UAC. Finally there are sections for Huileries du Congo Belge, Sedec and Niger France, UAC companies registered in Belgium and France.

[NOTE: Some of the records catalogued in this section are not the original records of the companies concerned but copies of records, reports and returns sent to their respective Head and Divisional Offices in Europe, primarily Great Britain]
LevelSub collection
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