Ref NoGB1752.UAC/2/13
Alt Ref NoUAC/US
TitleUAC Timber Division
DescriptionUnited Africa Company (Timber) Ltd (became UAC Timber Division)

Tropical timber extraction and processing into sawn timber, plywood, blockboard and other wood products in Africa, Solomon Islands and Indonesia.

UAC Timber Division, London, and its associates African Timber & Plywood (Ghana) Ltd and the African Timber and Plywood Division of UAC of Nigeria Ltd. The factories were at Samreboi, Ghana, and Sapele, Nigeria. Also Niger France had a logging operation in Congo.

The Company had an interest in the logging company P T Sangkulirang, operating in Kalimantan, Indonesia, managed by UAC Timber (logging began 1973). There was also Lever's Pacific Timbers Ltd, a logging operation in the British Solomon Islands. The output of both was absorbed in the Far East, mainly Japan.

In Britain, Holmes (Wragby) Ltd, sawmillers and wood products merchants, dealt with the lesser known tropical timbers.

UAC Timber Division provided technical and commercial services to its associates African Timber and Plywood (Ghana) Ltd and the African Timber and Plywood Division of UAC of Nigeria Ltd, one of the world's largest tropical timber extraction and processing industries. The factories were at Samreboi in Ghana and Sapele in Nigeria.

UAC International had since 1973 a substantial minority interest in Lloyd Duncan and Company Ltd, a London-based timber agency which acted as an international factor between suppliers and buyers. Lloyd Duncan was strong in the marketing of export items from UAC International overseas associate timber companies especially in Britain and Europe. Alfred Dobell and Company, which also operated as a timber agent from the same address, was a wholly owned subsidiary of Lloyd Duncan.

The Unilever Research Laboratories at Port Sunlight had a Timber Research Section giving technical assistance for UAC International's timber interests.

There were two operations in the Far East. In Indonesia there was a substantial interest in a logging company, P T Sangkulirang, operating in Kalimantan where logging began in 1973. Lever's Pacific Timbers Ltd was another logging operation, in the Solomon Islands. The output of both of these companies was mostly absorbed in the Far East, mainly Japan.

UAC International acquired its British timber interests in 1967. In Britain (Lincolnshire), UAC Timber (Wragby) [formerly Holmes (Wragby) Ltd] had a timber business as sawmillers and wood products merchants involved in kiln drying, wood preservation and agricultural joinery production, and dealing with the lesser known tropical hardwoods. It produced sawn timber from imported and homegrown hardwood and softwood logs, and made timber buildings, fencing, gates, garden furniture, chalets, etc. Its products were sold in Britain and exported.

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