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TitleTextiles Division

On 30 September 1973 Textiles and Unacil Divisions ceased to exist, and a new Division named Textiles and Industrial Services Division was created.

The Textiles and Industrial Services Division was dissolved on 30 September 1980. On 1 October 1980 Textiles Division came into existence, i.e. it changed its name.

The Group's textile interests in Nigeria and Ghana were the responsibility of the Textiles and Industrial Services Division, based in Manchester.

UAC International Ltd was a member, with Gamma Holding NV (a Dutch company) and Tootal Ltd, of the textiles consortium Adatig.

In this field UAC of Nigeria Ltd and UAC of Ghana Ltd had widespread specialised distribution networks which possessed great strength in quality of design and product, and enjoyed a prominent position in the African textiles markets. This strength, built up over many years, had been assisted by co-operation with the company Gamma Holding NV, Dutch textile producers, who were long-established specialists in designs and fabrics.

UAC International Ltd's textile interests in partnerships with other international textile producers spread into the manufacturing field and together provided commercial and technical services to companies which manufactured textiles in Ghana and Nigeria.

In Nigeria, UAC International Ltd was in partnership with Textiles Alliance Ltd, Hong Kong, and Toray Industries Ltd, Japan, in a spinning weaving, printing and finishing textile mill, General Cotton Mill Ltd at Onitsha, in which the Imo and Anambra state governments were also partners.

Additionally, UAC International Ltd was in partnership with Wintex International Ltd, Hong Kong, [earlier Tootal Ltd?] and Northern Nigeria Investment Company Ltd in a large cotton spinning and specialised weaving complex, Norspin Ltd, at Kaduna. This company added greycloth weaving and printing to its activities.

Again in Nigeria there was also a minority interest in a cotton thread factory, The West African Thread Company Ltd.

In Ghana, UAC International Ltd was in partnership with the Ghana government and the Ghana Textiles Manufacturing Company Ltd in a cotton weaving company, Juapong Textiles Ltd, and with the Ghana government, Gamma Holding NV and Tootal Ltd in a textile printing factory, Ghana Textile Printing Company Ltd.

Niger France activities included the distribution of textiles through French-speaking Africa, and a partnership with Gamma Holding NV whereby Niger France provided the commercial management of Uniwax, a company manufacturing real wax-prints in the Ivory Coast. Niger France also had an interest in textile printing factories in Zaire and, with the Schaeffer Group and other partners, in the Ivory Coast, Dahomey [later Benin], Congo and Niger.

In France, Niger France was a partner in Peltex SA, which made textile furs.
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