Ref NoGB1752.UAC/2/11
Alt Ref NoUAC/PL, UP, UR
TitlePalm Line Ltd
DescriptionPreviously The Southern Whaling and Sealing Company Ltd (incorporated 30 August 1911, company number 117476). This company was purchased by William Lever in 1919, and sold to Christian Salvesen Ltd in 1941, when Lever Bros. moved out of the whaling industry. Its Articles of Association were revived and transferred to the newly formed Palm Line in 1949. Palm Line was established as an independent operating company so that it was not limited through its ties to UAC. Palm Line was a wholly-owned cargo liner company, operating fast liner services from Britain and north west Europe to ports on the West African coast between Mauritania and Angola. Southbound, the ships carried virtually every product of European industry, from frozen food to motor vehicles and from cosmetics to cement. They returned with the products of West Africa, vegetable oils and seeds, timber and plywood, cocoa, rubber and minerals. A fleet of twelve new ships was built by Swan Hunter between 1957 and 1961. By 1977 the fleet was coming to the end of its useful life, and could not handle the growing market of containers, although it obtained four 'Combo' ships designed to carry both containers and general cargo.
The company also had interests in shipping agencies in West Africa and Jeddah and also stevedoring companies and a container company in Britain.
Palm Line operated within the Conferences UKWAL and COWAC. It was sold on 1 October 1985 (code name 'Swallow') to Ocean Marine Ltd, India Buildings, Liverpool, part of the Ocean Transport and Trading plc Group.

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