Ref NoGB1752.UAC/1/15
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TitleUAC (Managing Agency) Ltd
DescriptionThe United Africa Company (Managing Agency) Ltd (company number 146350) ran from 12 December 1946 to 18 December 1962. It ran the Groundnut Scheme (1946-1951), an unsuccessful colonial development project to grow groundnuts by mechanised agriculture on large plantations at Kongwa in central Tanzania.

In 1946 Frank Samuel, a director of UAC, originally proposed the scheme to the British Government. The aim was to supply Unilever with vegetable oil for soap and margarine, and to help rural Africans become self-sufficient. The Ministry of Food originally supervised the project, but on 1 March 1948 the scheme became the responsibility of the newly-formed Overseas Food Corporation. UAC were managing agents for the project. The scheme was beset by difficulties. It proved difficult to clear the tough scrub, the soil and climate turned out to be unsuitable for the growing of groundnuts, and the site was far from sources of water. The Labour Government cancelled the project in January 1951. The entire £49 million investment was a loss.
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