Ref NoGB1752.SRL
TitleSara Lee Ltd
DescriptionCompany Name: Sara Lee
Former Names: Consolidated Foods
Registered Number:
Date founded:
Date of Incorporation:
Date of Acquisition: 2010

Sara Lee was originally called Consolidated Foods, until it changed is name in 1985. Sara Lee was the name of the daughter of bakery entrepreneur Charlie Lubin, who named his new line of cheesecakes after her; in 1956 his company was acquired by Consolidated Foods. Sara Lee is now based in Downers Grove, Illinois, and in 2011 its business consisted of North American Fresh Bakery, North American Retail, North American Foodservice, International Beverage, and International Bakery businesses.

Unilever acquired the Sara Lee Personal Care and European Laundry business in 2010 for Euro 1.2 billion. Brands acquired included Brylcreem, Radox, Duschdas, Neutral, Biotex, Zwitsal, Fissan, Prodent, and Zendium.

In 2011 Unilever divested the Sanex brand in the European Economic Area, as a result of a ruling by the European Commission. Unilever sold the brand to Colgate-Palmolive for Euro 672 million.

Date1956 - 2011
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