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TitleThe James H. Witte Collection
DescriptionJames Hendrik Witte, born 8 July 1929 and started work at Unilever on the 31 October 1933 as a messenger boy in Unilever House. He then moved to Lintas and worked as an office boy in Foreign Press Accounts.
1937 - joined the territorial army and went to fight in the second world war in 1940. 1941 captured by Italy and was a prisoner of war. He was then captured by the Germans after Italy changed sides and moved on to Germany where he worked in factories and coal mines. He was freed by the US Army in 1945.

Back in England he was promoted to a sergeant and worked in a German POW camp in Dagenham until he was demobbed.

1946 he joined Lintas, selling advertising space, but was made redundant so he joined S.P.D. in 1947 and married Elizabeth in 1949. His son Laurie was born on 30 May 1950 and his daughter Helen in 1952.

In 1955 he became assistant editor of Unilever staff house magazine in Unilever's Information Division.
1974 he became editor of London News and instigated a new "The Sun-Style" format for the paper. He retired in 1978 aged 59.

1984 Witte wrote "The One That Didn't Get Away" which was a brief history of the great war, he then wrote his autobiography in the 1990s.
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