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TitlePremises and Plant records of Lipton India Ltd
DescriptionLipton India Ltd's Kidderpore Factory covers an area of nearly 25,000sq. metres and came into operation in 1964 when the entire manufacturing activities were shifted from 9 Weston Street. In its design, the Kidderpore Factory was a breakaway from the traditional multi-floor tea blending and packing units as it employed the concept of single floor operations. With 4 blend drums and some 60 automatic packaging machines of various types, the factory has an installed capacity of 20,000 tonnes per year. Kidderpore Factory is capable of producing all types and sizes of Tea Packets, ranging from 1kg Twin packs to Tea Bags, expensive Darjeeling packs to cheap Dust packs. With the dramatic change in the packet tea market scenario and continuous shift towards small pack sales, the Kidderpore Factory was transformed primarily into a small pack production centre.

In 1970 Lipton decided to pack tea in South India to decentralise the packing operations and also to feed the growing segment of the dust tea market which is predominant in South India. In 1971 the Madras factory was started in a modest way in unpretentious surroundings in the Northern City limits at Tollgate, in rented premises with 1kg hand packing operation. In 1978, the new complex at Ambattur was inaugurated by Mr. van der Gaag, then Chairman of Lipton Ltd., UK. At Ambattur the entire process is automatic and the tea is not touched by hand until it reaches the market, thus ensurting that Lipton's teas are packed in hygienic conditions and are of a standard quality.

These records include photographs of premises and plants belonging to Lipton India Ltd.
Dated 1965 - 1978.
LevelAdministrative Group
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