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TitleLoders & Nucoline Ltd (Loders Croklaan)
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Messrs Petty & Co began refining coconut oil at Cairn Mill, Silvertown in 1887. F W Loder was a director of the company and his son, F H Loder, also worked there. Petty and Co was dissolved in 1890 and the Loders opened their own works in Limehouse under the name Loder & Son, producing mainly coconut stearine.

In 1898 Loders amalgamated with Nucoline Ltd. With the subsequent absorption of Tennant & Co of Liverpool larger premises were needed and the plant moved back to Cairn Mills at Silvertown. A subsidiary company, Nucoa Butter Co, built and managed by experts from Silvertown, was established in New York in 1903, but later sold.

In 1907 Loders acquired East Indian Products Co at Hammersmith and so entered the seed crushing industry and acquired a crushing plant. In 1908 a crushing mill was built at Silvertown and a year later the company entered the margarine industry. The whole of Cairn Mills was destroyed by fire in April 1909 and had to be rebuilt. The new factory incorporated many of the latest advances in plant
design. Francis, George and Herbert Loder were the chairman, works manager and raw materials buyer respectively.

In 1919 the company was taken over by African & Eastern Trading Corporation. George Loder became Managing Director and A H Bateman (who had been with the company since 1901) became works manager. A hydrogenation plant was installed in 1923. Up to 1939 Loders was almost the sole producer of special butters for the biscuit and confectionery trade in the UK.
In 1929 the company became part of Unilever with the African & Eastern Trade Corporation and Niger Co merger.

The Cairn Mills site was destroyed by enemy bombing in 1940, but refining restarted within six weeks and a new crushing mill begun within a year.

1950 saw the introduction of cocoa butter equivalents and the solvent fractionation process. In the 1950s Loders were supplying over 60 varieties of vegetable butters to biscuit, chocolate and ice cream manufacturers. This included refined coconut or palm oil for biscuits, hardened butters for toffees, cream fillings, chocolate coverings and ice cream, stearine butters for puff biscuits and chocolates.

In 1964 the seed crushing mill closed because it was cheaper to obtain crude in bulk from the producing countries. The site was cleared for the erection of a second larger Lanza fractionation plant (the first having been commissioned on
a pilot scale in 1967).

The 1970s saw the introduction of the "liquid-liquid" plant process, designed to neutralise free fatty acids inherent in all vegetable oils on a continuous basis.

Loders Croklaan
In 1987 Loders and Nucoline Ltd amalgamated with Croklaan, an associate company in the Netherlands, and the name changed to Loders Croklaan Ltd. Up to the end of 1992 Loders Croklaan was in Foods Business and then re-classified as Speciality Chemicals. During 1992 and 1993 the speciality fats business suffered declining profits due to the adverse effects of recession in Europe and low cocoa butter prices. Action was taken to restructure the business and reduce costs. The Silvertown site was closed down in December 1995 and production transferred to the Netherlands.

In recent years Loders Croklaan has been involved in developing Cotebar S, a new ingredient which prevents moisture migration between components in a finished bakery product. It won a gold award at the Food Ingredients Europe Exhibition in November 2001.

The intention to sell Loders Croklaan Group, as part of the Path to Growth strategy, was announced in May 2002. Loders Croklaan had factories in Wormerveer near Amsterdam, Channahon near Chicago, and smaller plants in Toronto and Cairo. It has sales offices in a further seven countries including China and Brazil. In 2001 sales were approximately Euro267 million.
In September 2002, Unilever announced that Loders Croklaan Group was to be sold to IOI Corporation Berhad of Malaysia for Euro217 million in cash. IOI Corporation was one of the largest listed companies in Malaysia. Loders Croklaan was to continue to supply Unilever with speciality products.

Managing Directors:
1953-1958 J W Paterson
1958-1968 R L Wetherall
1968-1975 W L Wren
1975-1987 G G Pemberton
1987- 19?? I Campbell
19??-1995 Dr R Bartholomew

Date1893 - 1991
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