TitleLever Brothers (India) Limited
DescriptionMost sources state that Lever Brothers (India) Limited was incorporated on 17 October 1933 to manufacture soap - this organisation, in 1956, went on to join with the Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacuring Company to form Hindustan Lever. However, two items have been located in the archive that suggest that a company called Lever Brothers (India) Limited was established around 1922. It is noted in the Unilever Information Bulletin No. 97, December 1956, that Lever's participation in soap in India did date from 1922, when they acquired a leading interest in the Calcutta factory. According to the bulletin, this factory was located in what was once a palace of a Nawab of Oudh.

Some of the items in this sub-collection seem to have come from the London Consultative Committee situated at Lever Brothers in London. They were found in the UNI/WW collection and catalogued here to facilitate access to information about the history of Hindustan Unilever.

Lever Brothers (India) Ltd was incorporated in 1922. The first Directors of the company were Mr W. W. Boulton, Mr M. Macfayden and Mr C. M. .de Souza.

This sub-collection also contains the records of the Premier Soap Company of India Ltd, which was a subsidiary of Lever Brothers (India) Limited.
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