TitleBrooke Bond India
DescriptionBrooke Bond India was registered and incorporated as a Private Company on 26 September 1912 as Brooke Bond & Co. (India) Limited. The company bought tea in bulk for export to England and introduced quality teas in India. As well as packaged teas, the company soon grew and imported biscuits, coffee, tinned milk, and safety matches.

In 1924 a new factory was opened at Hide Road, Calcutta. A second factory was opened in 1928 at Coimbatore in South India. In May 1942 the company bought a rundown distillery with buildings in a 18.88 acre campus. The company also inherited the right to pump water from the river bed. This Kanhan factory was the third factory for tea blending and packing operations. Early brands packed here included Plough, Seal, and Kora.

In 1967 Brooke Bond became a public limited company.

In 1971 the company entered the export market for spices. In 1975 machinery manufacture began, and in 1984 packaging paper manufacture began.

In 1981 the company's corporate office moved to Bangalore, but the registered office was still in Calcutta.

Brooke Bond, and therefore Brooke Bond India, was acquired by Unilever in 1984.

In 1993 the company was amalgamated with Lipton India, Tea Estates India, Doom Dooma India Ltd, and Kissan Products Ltd, and a year later changed its name to Brooke Bond Lipton India (see above sub-collection)

Chairmen of the company:
1922-1923: Mr M W M Peacop.
1923-1925: Mr A P Maclachlan.
1925-1926: Mr P S Brindley.
1926-1935: Mr H Wheeler.
1935-1947: M r N J Brain.
1947-1955: Mr W G Henshilwood.
1955-1963: Mr G V K Murthy (first Indian Chairman)
1963-1970: Mr J G Robinson.
1970-1974: Mr J C Brock.
1974-1978: Mr P R Neelakantan.
1978-1983: Mr C S Samuel.
1983+ Mr D K Basu.

Sources: Brooke Bond Bulletin.
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