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TitlePepsodent Ltd
DescriptionCompany name: Pepsodent Company Ltd
Registered number: 474036
Date founded: 1915
Date of acquisition: 1944

The Pepsodent Company was founded in Chicago in 1915 and produced Pepsodent toothpaste, which rapidly became a leading product in the USA. The original formula for the paste contained Pepsin, a digestive agent designed to break down and digest food deposits on the teeth, from which the company and brand name `Pepsodent` was derived.

Five years after its launch in the USA the product was exported to the UK where it also gained steadily in popularity, until by 1932 public demand was large enough to justify local manufacture and production started at Park Royal, London.

In 1944 the Pepsodent Company was bought by one of Unilever`s American concerns, Lever Brothers USA, and initially the UK business carried on as the London branch of Pepsodent USA, with its own sales force and with production entirely at the Park Royal factory.

In 1949 the English Company, Pepsodent Ltd, was formed, with an issued capital of £100,000.

As a Unilever toiletry company, Pepsodent Ltd's selling catalogue was soon expanded. In 1950, Pin-Up home perm and Vinolia lines were added to Pepsodent's range following transfer from D + W Gibbs.

On 1 January 1951 Pepsodent (Sales) Ltd was established to act as selling agents for Pepsodent Ltd and Pin-Up Cold-Wave Perm Ltd, until 1962 when this function reverted to Pepsodent Ltd. Pepsodent (Sales) was responsible for the marketing of Icilma creams and shampoo from 1953, and for the launch of Vinolia baby lines (1950) and Mentasol toothpaste (1952). In 1954 the company introduced a Pepsodent toothbrush to complement its range of dental products, extended its hair care range with the launch of Twink home perm (1954) and Harmony hair colourant (1956), and in 1959 launched a deodorant, Fram.
During the 1950s Pepsodent toothpaste remained a popular brand, advertised with the famous slogan: `You`ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent`.

In 1951 to meet the company`s need for larger premises, the Park Royal factory was closed and production was transferred to the works of Joseph Watson and Sons in Leeds.

On the 1 Jan 1963 the Pepsodent Co. Ltd was integrated with two further Unilever toiletry manufacturers, Joseph Watson and Sons Ltd and D & W Gibbs Ltd to become Gibbs Pepsodent Ltd, so forming the core of the company Elida Faberge, (now Lever Faberge). The sales divisions of Gibbs and Pepsodent remained separate initially but were integrated in 1965, at which time the company name was changed again by special resolution to Gibbs Proprietaries Ltd.

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