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TitleFaberge UK Ltd
DescriptionThe origins of Faberge UK Ltd date from 1921 when two sons of Peter Carl Faberge, master craftsman and jeweller to Czars Alexander III and Nicholas II, reopened the house of Faberge in Paris, retaining on their staff some of the skilled craftsmen from St Petersburg.

They extended their business into perfume-making, with the first perfume licence granted to the house of Fabergé in France in 1937. Early fragrances created include Aphrodisia and Tigress.

In 1963 the American company Rayette, owned by George Barrie, acquired Fabergé perfumes. In the following year one of Faberge's best known brands, Brut, was launched as a fragrance for men in the US, and in 1966 launched across Europe.

In 1973 Brut was relaunched to appeal to a wider market: Brut 33 was launched in the UK as a range of men's toiletries for everyday use with mass market pricing. The '33' in the brand title was said to represent the fact that the products still contained 33% of the original fragrance. During the 1970s the brand was endorsed in advertisements by national sporting heroes including Henry Cooper, Barry Sheene and Kevin Keegan.

In the mid 1970s the Fabergé range included after shaves, Brut, West or Zizanie de Fragonard; and women's fragrances: Kiku, Xanadu, Tigress or Aphrodisia.

On 1 Mar 1984 Fabergé Inc acquired a major shareholding in Fabergé, and in December 1987 acquired Elizabeth Arden. In 1989 Unilever acquired Fabergé and Elizabeth Arden, and Fabergé was integrated with Elida Gibbs Ltd in September 1989 to strengthen Elida Gibbs presence in the mass fragrance market. Substantial investment in the house name of Fabergé followed, and the name began appearing on packaging of Lynx deodorant and shaving products as well as Brut and the Addiction fragrance range launched by Elida Gibbs in Oct 1995. On 18 Dec 1995 as a result of the strength of the Fabergé name and its associations with high quality grooming products the company name was changed to Elida Fabergé Ltd .

This group contains a small collection of records relating to the firm of Faberge prior to its acquisition by Unilever in 1989.
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