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TitleNortham Warren Corporation
DescriptionThe Northam Warren corporation was founded in New York in 1911 when Northam Warren, a pharmacist from Detroit, began to market a new product which he had developed, 'Cutex' oily cuticle remover, as an alternative to the process of cutting nail cuticle. As demand for the product grew Warren added nail polishes to the Cutex range, introducing the first liquid nail polish in 1916, which had been developed to replace the shorter-lasting nail pastes and powders of the time. The first polish was colourless, but soon afterwards the company introduced a rose-tinted polish.

Later innovative products introduced by the company included nail white cream or pencils; oily polish remover; and the marketing of gift sets that included both preparations and the instruments needed to use them. In 1928 Northam Warren acquired another revolutionary product, the first liquid anti-perspirant, 'Odo-ro-no', originally developed by a physician wishing to clear perspiration from his hands whilst performing operations and produced by the Odorono Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1930 the company were the first to produce deep shades of nail polish, and in the same year acquired the Peggy Sage line of manicure products. In 1933 the company introduced a range of lipsticks under the Cutex brand name.

In 1918 the company had moved to larger premises at 17th Street, New York, and began at around this time to develop export markets in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. During the 1920s when more space was needed again the company moved to Hudson Street. In 1939 a more modern plant was built by the company in Stamford, Connecticut.

The Northam Warren corporation was acquired by Chesebrough-Pond's in 1960.
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