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TitleRT French & Company
DescriptionThe R.T. French Company was founded in Rochester, New York in 1880, manufacturing mustards, spices, flavouring extratcs, prepared food mixes, household supplies and pet foods. These products were sold through its closely-allied exclusive marketing agency, the Atlantis Sales Corporation.

An important factor in the prosperity of the company was the rapid growth of the bird food business after World War II, when the keeping of parakeets became more popular. At its height, it was estimated that every seventh home in America kept a parakeet, and French's developed a whole new range of products to add to their bird seed business.

The company was acquired by Reckitt and Colman in1926, and retained by them when the Colman Food business was sold to Unilever in 1995.

Although R.T. French was a subsidiary of Reckitt & Colman Holdings Ltd, it has been treated as a sub-collection of Colman's of Norwich for cataloguing purposes. Records include accounts and advertising and packaging.
LevelSub collection
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