Ref NoGB1752.CON/RC/3/1/5
TitleRCH Bulletin and Reckitt and Colman Bulletin
DescriptionA periodical summary of news and events within the Reckitt and Colman Holdings group of companies. It was initially called the RCH Bulletin but became the Reckitt & Colman Bulletin in 1969 after the name of the company was changed from Reckitt & Colman Holdings Ltd to Reckitt & Colman Ltd.

There is a library set of this magazine: see list at S:\cor\ldn\UARM\_All\Library\In-house Magazines Library Sets\CON - Colman's of Norwich.

No. 1, 1968 [A L]
No. 1, 1969 [A L]
No. 2, 1969 [A L]
No. 1, 1970 [A L]
Extent4 items
LevelSub series
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