Ref NoGB1752.CON/RC/1
TitleCorporate and Administrative Records of Reckitt and Colman Limited
DescriptionAlthough Reckitt and Colman was essentially the parent company of the Colman's food and wine division, for administrative purposes it's records are being arranged as if it was a subsidiary or associated company.

Reckitt and Colman plc evolved from the long standing collaboration of the three family run businesses Reckitt and Sons, J&J Colman and Chiswick Products. In 1913 the two competitors J&J Colman and Reckitt & Sons pooled their South American business under a joint company called Atlantis Limited. This agreement was extended in 1921 to cover all their overseas trade interests. This led to the formation of Reckitt & Colman Ltd in 1938 to hold and manage all the trading activities of Reckitt and Sons and J&J Colman, although the two parents retained their separate identities and Stock Exchange quotations. Reckitt and Sons and J&J Colman finally merged in 1954 to form Reckitt and Colman Holdings Ltd. Later that year this company negotiated with representatives of Chiswick Products to bring them into the group
LevelAdministrative Group
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