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TitleJoseph Farrow Limited
DescriptionCompany name: Joseph Farrow & Co. Ltd
Former name:
Registered number: 00413828
Date founded:
Date of incorporation: 1912 to J&J Colman
Date of acquisition:
Date sold/struck off:

J&J Colman acquired controlling interests of Joseph Farrow Ltd in 1912.

Joseph Farrows were well known for their canned vegetables, mustards (A1), and Gales honey and lemon curd business. The canned vegetables business was sold to Batchelors in the early 1970's. Gales was sold to SunPat and Rowntree Mackintosh in 1986.

In 1949, the business of R.W. Gale & Co. Ltd was acquired by Farrows. In their South London works, Gale produced honey, lemon curd, meat and fish pastes - honey being the most important product. Farrows principal interest was in the honey and in 1950 the marketing of the meat and fish pastes ceased.

In 1951, production was transferred to Carlton Works, Peterborough, using new methods and new equipment.

On 1st October 1964, Farrows acquired the goodwill and stocks of the Bear Honey Co. Ltd of Isleworth.

In October 1971, it was announced that the production of Gales Honey and Preserves would move from Peterborough to Norwich early in 1973. The closure affected c.250 employees but some key personnel were invited to move to Norwich.
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