Ref NoGB1752.CON/CO/ER
Alt Ref NoOFR:
TitleEdouard Robinson Limited
DescriptionThe company is believed to have been established in 1860 and carried on business as a delicatessesn and wine importer at the turn of the century under the name Edouard & Co. After the First World War the company obtained the agency for Martini-Rossi, and was incorporated under the name Edouard Robinson & Co (London) Ltd in 1924. The Martini-Rossi agency was sold in about 1950, Edouard Robinson & Co Ltd was acquired by Edward Roche in 1957. In 1961 the company's name was changed to Edouard Robinson Limited and it acquired Turner-Roche and Company Ltd, a wine importing company founded by Edward Roche in 1947, as a wholly owned subsidiary. Edouard Robinson Ltd continued with the business of wholesale wine and spirit merchants and wine importers and bottlers'. In May 1972 Edouard Robinson Ltd became a subsidiary of Reckitt & Colman Ltd.
Date1924 - 1987
LevelSub sub collection
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