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TitleAtlantis Ltd
DescriptionCompany name: Atlantis
Date founded: 1913


It was competition in export trade that brought about the first collaboration of J&J Colman and Reckitt & Sons. Both firms, previously rivals, decided to pool together their South American businesses to form a joint company called Atlantis Limited in 1913. Atlantis was a joint attempt to penetrate the highly sought after South American market.

1921 - The merger proved to be a success, so much so that the agreement was extended to cover all overseas trade interests. Atlantis Ltd now incorporated divisions located in Brazil, Calcutta, Egypt, Turkey, Peru and Montevideo.

1938 - The success of Atlantis eventually led to the formation of the original Reckitt & Colman Ltd, set up to hold and manage all the trading activities of the two individual companies of J&J Colman and Reckitt & Sons.


1930s - The present Chairman Mr J. B. Upton bought some land and buildings in the suburbs of Montevideo and built a factory due to increased import restrictions in Uruguay.

A tin plant was installed and later came the local production of Brasso and Silvo.

1942 - The filling of Espadol (the South American name for Dettol) was added to the Uruguay factory production.

1943 - This year the filling of Savora was added.

1944 - Uruguay now prepared and packed Espadol from a concentrate sent from England.

1952 - During June this year the production of Nugget commenced, followed shortly by the manufacture of Zubes for Sunnydale Products in July.


1935 - By this point the Argentine branch was well established and it became desirable to form a separate Argentine Company to conduct the business. Atlantis Limited therefore ceased to function and Brassovora S.R.L took over the job under the same management.

This series of records comprises the accounts of Atlantis Ltd, and its divisions in Brazil, Calcutta, Egypt, Turkey, Peru, Montevideo, and the Atlantis Sales Corporation.
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